Friday, 14 December 2007

Bruce Gilden - A Beautiful Catastrophe

Bruce Gilden on Magum website

"A Beautiful Catastrophe" is the craziest photography book I have seen so far. I just bought it second hand on Amazon for less than £10 and it was a great buy. In this book Bruce shoots in the streets of New York with a Leica camera. He shoots strangers. He doesn't ask for permission. And he uses a flash on cord. He is big and scares lots of people suddenly jumping in front of them and blinding them with his flash. Crazy stuff.
and he says: "I'm known for taking pictures very close, and the older I get, the closer I get." yeah, we can see that.


jordan said...

i guess, this answers the question every youn wannabe street photographer asks -

get a expensive camera, a flash on a cord, get old and stick the lens in their face to get a good photo!

Anonymous said...

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Matt Nassau said...

Gilden is incredible in what he can teach someone - look at his shots, think how they were made, witness his self-confidence in their brazen creation. Then accept them, his process and the results. Then, it no longer seems brazen or confrontational - those are terms used by the inhibited, concerned and fearful. Carpe diem.